Guangrun Wang 王广润

Ph.D Candidate

The HCP lab of Sun Yat-sen University

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Short Bio

Guangrun Wang is currently a PhD candidate in the HCP Lab of Sun Yat-sen University, advised by Prof. Liang Lin. He also worked as a visiting scholar in the MMLab of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, mentored by Prof. Ping Luo and Prof. Xiaogang Wang.

His research interest is machine learning. He has published more than 10 papers with about 510 citations.

Currently his GPA is 95, ranking 1st in his class. He receives the 2018 Pattern Recognition Best Paper Award. He ranked 1st in 2015 Graduate Innovation Funding of The High Performance Computing Collaborative Innovation Center(only 7 graduate students were awarded in China that year). He won several worldwide competition medals such as Kaggle data mining gold/silver/bronze medals. He ranked 1st in PASCAL VOC segmentation leaderboard for months. He won two National Scholarships. He has one ESI Hightly Cited Paper.

He currently serves as a reviewer of several academic conference and journals, including ICCV, CVPR, IJCAI, TIP, TCSVT, Pattern Recognition, ISPL, JVCIR, and AAS.

He has obtained double Bachelor Degrees, including Engineering and Business.


I will serve as a reviewer of ICCV 2019 !NEW!

I will serve as a reviewer of IJCAI 2019 !NEW!

I am serving as a reviewer of CVPR 2019 !NEW!

I have served as a reviewer of IEEE Signal Processing Letter !

I have 400 citations !!!

One paper is accepted by NIPS2018!

Two patents have been published!

Our team won the 2nd place in Key Points Detection of Apparel Track of FashionAI Global Challenge 2018-Alibaba Cloud!

Code and pretrained model of "Training COCO 2017 Object Detection and Segmentation via Learning Feature Pyramids" has been available!code and pretrained model

Receiving the 2018 Pattern Recognition Best Paper Award!NEW!

Code and pretrained model of "Training ImageNet and PASCAL VOC2012 via Learning Feature Pyramids" has been available! code and pretrained model

Code of "Batch Kalman Normalization: Towards Training Deep Neural Networks with Micro-Batches" has been available! code

Code of "Cross-Domain Visual Matching via Generalized Similarity Measure and Feature Learning" has been release! code


SE-308: Software Design Projects

Computer Vision