Future Advanced Science and Technology Lab
未来科学技术实验室(FAST Lab)

In the future, I will build a lab called Future Advanced Science and Technology (FAST Lab).

将来,我会建设一个“未来科学技术实验室(FAST Lab)”。

All my blogs are moved here now.

Blog 30:Solving Inefficiency of Self-supervised Representation Learning
Blog 48:A video introduction of NeRF
Blog 47:3D scene reconstruction
Blog 46:Pytorch's bug on resizing
Blog 45:Oxford's first snow this year
Blog 44:A talk at TVG dinner: Representation Learning for image, 3D, trustworthy AI, and beyond
Blog 43:Reading: "Adversarial Robustness Through the Lens of Causality"
Blog 42:Daylight Saving Time Ended in the UK
Blog 41:Adversarial Visual Robustness by Causal Intervention
Blog 40:Reading google brain’s paper on knowledge distillation
Blog 39:Reading Hinton's paper "pix2seg"
Blog 38:What are the future AI technologies worthy of attention for young people?
Blog 37:3D human reconstruction from videos
Blog 36:3D Point Could Generation Based on Denoising Diffusion Probabilistic Models
Blog 35:Reading a “Science” paper: predicting RNA
Blog 34:Improving Adversarial Robustness by Discretization
Blog 33:A Deep Learning Method for 3D Human Reconstruction
Blog 32:Adversarial Weight Perturbation Helps Robust Generalization
Blog 31:Weekend: the best time to explore
Blog 29:Towards Trustworthy AI: Advanced Explainability and Advanced Robustness
Blog 28:How to keep energetic at work?
Blog 27:DFT paper/code and Nobel Prize: 密度泛函理论、代码及1998年诺贝尔奖
Blog 26:阅读DeepMind时隔一周又来一篇Nature论文:人类蛋白质结构预测
Blog 25:阅读DeepMind的Nature论文和源代码:AlphaFold2
Blog 24:Auto Annotation Machine
Blog 23:安装coco api的坑
Blog 22:阅读代码:OpenAI的DALL.E源代码
Blog 21:阅读微软论文"BEIT: BERT Pre-Training of Image Transformers"
Blog 20:阅读谷歌工作:优化器SAM的论文和代码
Blog 19:阅读谷歌论文“When Vision Transformers Outperform ResNets...”
Blog 18:阅读马毅老师的“从第一性原则出发的深度学习”
Blog 17:基于投影条件判别器的条件GAN
Blog 16:FAST Lab Logo正式发布
Blog 15:我的思考:布朗运动处处不可导与未来神经网络
Blog 14:3D表征学习和图像生成表征学习
Blog 13:牛津大学TVG组招收若干名实习访问学生 IMPORTANT!!!
Blog 12:你见过凌晨的牛津吗?
Blog 11:FAST LAB开始公开写作啦
Blog 10:DDL of leading AI conferences
Blog 09:Ensemble Learning of Super-Resolution
Blog 08:What is the future of AI / ML

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